Runing the Holidays (Pt. 1) Hallow-Rune

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Today we have not only continued to rune Halloween with Jack-O-Runis, but due to demand from Linus von Pelt, someone is finally offering a greeting card for the Great Pumpkin Holiday!

What! No card?!
What! No card?!
  • Download and save the pdf file from below
  • Print as duplex
  • Fold along the center line on the outside of card
  • Cut along the lines on the outside of the card

The card is 3 1/4″ W x 5 1/2′ H

The card will fit a #6 3/4 standard (3 5/8″ x 6 1/2″)

PDF Great Pumpkin card download

Ooooh...very, very scary...
Ooooh…very, very scary…

 Now, we’ve runed things for Linus!!

Are YOU next?????? Wha-Ha-Ha…

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