Tea Bags?

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Tea Bag Collage
Tea Bag Collage

Yes.  On Quilting Arts, Judy Coats Perez showed how to use tea bags in art quilts!  After they have been used, dried, opened and pressed, they can be drawn on or colored.  They are a very filmy sort of paper/fabric, and can be affixed to fabric with a matte medium and a foam brush.  The same artist even figured out how to run them through a printer (attached firmly to paper) and print on them!

So when my wonderful friend Sherry was here recently, we got out tea bags, paper, muslin, water soluble crayons, markers, and an old ironing board cover printed with flowers.  I added some free motion stitching, and a few dots of gold foil, and – Voila!

The water soluble crayons are another thing I learned about on Quilting Arts, and I like them very much.  You can shade with them, color over color, and then with a paint brush just dipped in water, blend the colors together.  Lots of fun.

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