A Technique from Quilting Arts

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Jim and I watch Quilting Arts regularly, and are constantly amazed at the creative techniques people present.  One of my favorite guests is a classy Italian woman named CattailsAna Buzzalino.   Her quilting designs – and designs in general – are just thrilling to me.  So I tried a process that she suggested.

I used several pieces of fabrics for the top that I felt worked well together, as well as representing some kind of pond or lake.  I layered them on batting and a backing, sewing through all three layers at the same time.

Then I looked online for a silhouette of cattails.  I printed it out the size I wanted, and then put a piece of freezer paper on top, and traced the outline.  I cut out the freezer paper, and pressed it, shiny side down, onto the fabric.  Freezer paper will stick, so I could then stitch around the outline of the cattails.

From there, I did an echo of the cattails, which means another line of stitching about a quarter inch from the first.  I also added a little free motion quilting in some of the layers of the “pond”. Then I filled in the first outline of the cattails themselves with black acrylic paint.

Binding and a way to hang it, and voila!  The only thing I would do differently next time is to use a matte finish paint.  Otherwise, I am happy with this experiment.



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