Yoga Poses

Yoga Silhouette
Yoga Silhouette

I have long been fascinated by silhouettes, often of people.  Recently, I’ve made a few small pieces (to go on my etsy store) featuring silhouettes of cattails at sunset, but while at the yoga studio the other day, the idea came to me to do some of yoga poses.

I layer fabrics on batting to represent some kind of landscape, and then cut a shape out of black fabric and fuse it to the background. This one worked particularly well, with the reds and pinks seeming to indicate a sunrise.  Then, a small fusible crystal near the top suggests a “morning star”, which can be either of the planets Venus or Mercury, or the star Sirius.

This makes a smallish wall hanging (10 x 18″), and the number of poses and backgrounds is unlimited!  I am onto something new!

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