Last summer, I participated in my first quilt challenge, sponsored by Keepsake Quilting.   There were six fabrics involved, blues and whites, and the theme had to be something about Jack Frost.  Two other fabrics could be used as well, and there were some basic rules to be followed.

I’ve seen these challenges offered before, and often, for my taste, the challenge fabric(s) is so ugly I don’t want to work with it!  Not that it has to be dominant, but sometimes I wonder if the fabric manufacturer is having trouble selling one fabric, so they make it into a challenge opportunity!!

Jacquie Frost
Jacquie Frost

At any rate, here is a photo of my entry.  It did not win anything, but it is still a unique piece.  This woman’s silhouette is one I used previously, in The Vanderia Tree (see earlier post).  This time, I made 3-dimensional icicles, and attached each one with a colored bead.  The name of the piece is Jacquie Frost.   It is 30″ square, and looking for a home.  Interested?

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