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Musings on a September Afternoon

Some years ago, at a family women’s weekend, it was suggested that we come up with a metaphor for our lives.  Mine was “late summer” at that time, and it remains so.

Partly my metaphor represents the fact that I LOVE this season best, love the colors and textures, the clear blue skies, the dry sunny days, and the crisp cool nights.  There is feeling of relief at having passed summer’s heat.

Late summer is still full and beautiful, mature, drying out a bit, past the flurry of reproduction and sending out our “seeds”.  It is mellow, more peaceful than spring or summer,  a time of abundance,  and of slowing down.  Change is in the air.

The Vanderia Tree Autumn Leaves for Hair
The Vanderia Tree
Autumn Leaves for Hair

There is a poignancy to late summer and to this time in my life.   So much beauty, and such gratitude are tinged with the knowledge that winter is coming, and I am growing old.  The cycles of nature are so clear, and I must accept that this applies to me as well.  It is a time of reminding myself to be present and thankful for all that I have.  It has been a good life, and anything more is a bonus.