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I Wanna Be an Ice Cream Crone!

When a friend coined the term Ice Cream Crone some years ago, I adopted it IMMEDIATELY!  I was not old enough to be considered a crone, but loved the idea that older women are cool, sweet and fun!  Delicious!

This idea surfaced again when hats were assigned as this year’s project for Women’s Journey in Fiber.  Now that I AM crone material, this idea will be a guiding star for me.  In difficult situations, I can ask myself – What Would an Ice Cream Crone Do?

I used a bowl from my kitchen as the form upon which to build the hat.  The fabric for the bowl was strengthened with fusible batting.  Cotton quilt batting is used as the scoop of ice cream, satin as hot fudge, beads as sprinkles, an artificial cherry for the top and eyelet trim for the whipped cream.

I have chosen to be a hot fudge sundae because contrasts appeal to me.  With the combination of Sinful Chocolate and Virginal Vanilla, we have dark and light, sweet and bitter, hot and cold, liquid and solid represented.  More than that, one can consider the contrast between aging physically, and the increase in wisdom and maturity that comes with advancing years.

Are you an Ice Cream Crone, or do you know someone who is?  Would you like to join the gallery of ICC’s?  If so, I need a photo of you, plus your flavor, and why you choose to be that flavor.

Ice Cream Crone
Ice Cream Crone