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More Yoga Poses

I have had a really fun time making these small quilted wall hangings, featuring yoga pose silhouettes!  My good friend Sherry Brodock was in town in January, playing with fabric, and she came up with this gorgeous background.  I would not have thought to add the purple and green print in with such warm colors, but the contrast is quite appealing.

Triangle and Dancer
Triangle and Dancer

The pose on the left is Triangle, and the one on the right is Dancer’s Pose.  After layering the background fabrics, I cut a silhouette out of black fabric that has a fusible on the back.  Once that is fused in place, I stitch close to the edges with black thread, and then again a little bit outside the figure, partly to define it, and partly to hold the top part of the wall hanging together.  I trim the edges and bind the piece.  These two have sleeves on the back for hanging, as they are slightly larger than some of the others.  They are for sale on my Quiltaruni store on



Sherry did a second layout of background colors, so those will be next.   When I find a good combination of colors, I take a photo to remind me of the gradation.  So I can also replicate this particular gradation, and have enough fabric to make more.  Thanks, Sherry!