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Stained Glass Quilt

Stained Glass Quilt on black
Stained Glass Quilt on black

All summer I kept thinking about how I’d like to do some brilliantly colored scrap blocks set against a black background.  But the idea for the placement of the blocks eluded me until one day, when I was out walking.  I am quite pleased with this design. It might be an original, although there is no way to know for sure.

While I was working on this version, it came to me that blocks in all blues and greens would look great against a light colored background, so that is in the works, too.  Then it was suggested that I write up the pattern for this quilt, and offer that for sale on my etsy store (, so watch for that in the future.

I will even do a youtube video of how I make scrap blocks!

So along with the pattern will be an offer to custom make a quilt like this for other people.  I can envision someone wanting one where all the blocks are done in autumn colors, or one with all purples and blues.  The variations are endless.  It would also be a good design for memory blocks – fabrics that you are sentimentally attached to, but don’t know how to display.


Jo and Jim dolls
Jo and Jim dolls

My much adored daughter recently moved to New York City to pursue her acting career.  Jim and I won’t be able to attend all her plays now, so we decided to make dolls, resembling ourselves, to send to her.  She can take them to the theater!

The pattern is one we found online:

We altered the hairline for Jim (!), and gave each of the dolls our own hair and eye colors.  Mine has a green bead on one side to represent the one green earring I wear, and an orange bead on the left hand to represent the fire opal ring that is always with me.  The pattern includes a jumper, which I made in colors that I wear.

Jim made glasses for his doll out of pipecleaners. His shirt features one of our rune patches!  If we were the kind of people who sent out Christmas cards, this year would feature these fetching little dolls!