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The Lesa Fault

The Lesa Fault
The Lesa Fault

For some years, the library where I worked let me hang my quilts on the walls back in the cataloging department.  It was a great “rotating” gallery for me, and a place to put extra stuff!  I am just now retrieving my pieces, and this is one of my favorites.

Also, while I worked at that university, I curated a Women’s History Month art show, in March, for a number of years.  It was open to all university women – students, staff and faculty.  It was fabulous to see what kind of work people were doing.

One faculty member, Lesa, was making absolutely gorgeous fabric pieces by layering colors, and then adding beads.  I was so impressed that I made my own version, and called it The Lesa Fault, partly because it looks like a geological fault, and partly because she is responsible for this kind of work showing up in my life.

I took fabrics from my stash, and arranged them together in small strips (sewn one by one into a backing of batting ) trying to make the colors run from one to another – something I call “striation” or “gradation”.  The finished striations were just one big piece to begin with, but “needed something”, so I cut them apart and offset them to make the shapes more interesting.  Then the piece “needed something” again, so I made the circular part at the top.  It is machine needle punched silk, with some fusible crystals on it.  The whole thing turned out so well that when someone wanted to buy it, I said  no.  But there will probably be another one in the making soon.

To hang the piece, I made a circle the same size as the yellow piece out of foam core, and put a hole in it.  I also faced the back of the circle with fabric, in the same round shape, to make a sort of pocket on the back.  The foam core fits into the pocket, and the hole in it allows it to hand on a nail.

Even in colors I don’t care for so much, the “movement” from dark to light is something I love.  But having them gradate from one color to another is even better!