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Fragments of My Imagination

This quilt sat unfinished on my quilt rack for some years before finishing.  It is a wild combination of many of the gorgeous silks, satins, brocades, synthetics. metallics and shears from my stash.  I love the variety of colors, and how, even though each piece is a bit crazy, the overall whole effect makes some kind of aesthetic sense.

Fragments of My Imagination
Fragments of My Imagination

It was “built” on batting, so each strip of each square is already sewed down to a background.  This makes the middle part sort of dimensional, because I then put more batting behind it before adding borders and quilting it.  It is top-stitched with gold metallic thread, and some of the diamond shapes are “couched” with yarn.  That means I added yarn, using a zig-zag stitch on top of it to attach it.

I am quite pleased with the finished product – please enough that I will exhibit it in the upcoming Library Quilters Show – check facebook for the photos.

Monstera Fusica

At the recent quilt expo in Chicago, I purchased some of Frida Anderson’s unbelievably gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics.  (  Her use of color just thrills me!

So these pieces have fused leaf shapes, modeled after a kind of philodendron called Monstera.  I’ve seen these huge leafy vines in places like Florida, where they wind around palm trees.  I LOVE those shapes!

Monstera Fusica Purple
Monstera Fusica Purple

The shapes are hand drawn and then cut from fabric with fusible web ironed on the back.  The piece of fabric itself included all these colors – the purples, reds and oranges at one end, moving through yellow, and into blues and greens.  I also stitch around the edges of the leaves, and add some machine embroidery in the border.  This piece measures 30″ square.


But there was enough fabric left after making this one to make another.  This one features more of the yellow and orange parts, and I put a tiny purple line around the center before adding the border.  Fusica yellow finished smaller


Thank you Frieda, for making the world a more beautiful place.

Cloth Books for Short People!

I am lucky enough to have five small children in my life at the moment.  Two are my granddaughters, and three are a set of triplets belonging to a friend.  My youngest granddaughter and the triplets are all just about to turn 2 years old.

So I have made two cloth books, one for my own granddaughter,  Mikayla, and one for the triplets to fight over.  They are held together by grommets on each page, and big key rings.    Here are some of the pages.

shoe smaller Here is a tiny shoe with laces.  I bought a small pair of shoes at a resale shop, washed them, and then cut off the sole.  The shoe is attached to the page by putting seam binding all around the edges, and the laces are sewn in so short people can’t pull them out.  The triplets in particular have been fascinated by my shoelaces when I go to visit.




colors and shapes smallerThis idea came from Mikayla’s nanny.  It has little pieces of colored fabrics, in certain colors, that have specific shapes and fit into specific pockets.  Mikayla in particular likes to play with my wallet, taking out credit cards and sliding them back into the slots.



zizpper smallerNext, a zipper.  The triplets are also fascinated with any zippers I have on my clothing when I visit.  So here is a page with a zipper they can zip and unzip to their little hearts’ content!






hands smallerThis one is Mikayla’s favorite.  Hands that have grippers at the tips of each finger.  The fingers are also numbered, and the hands are labelled with RIGHT and LEFT.  I had to work with the grippers to make sure they weren’t either too tight, or too loose.  If too tight, I’d lightly pound the tip of a screwdriver into the hole in the gripper.  If I went too far with that, and the gripper became loose, I’d use pliers to squeeze it together again!



velcro smallerAnd of course some Velcro to pull off and push back on.  For each “disk” with Velcro, I put an applique on some fabric, put batting between that and a backing, sewed the Velcro to the back, and then did a satin stitch applique around the edges.  The triplets’ Mom asked that I actually attach the pieces to the page somehow so they wouldn’t get lost, so that is a valuable addition.




Don’t ask me to make any more of these!  Three years ago I made one for Lexie, my older granddaughter, and I think I am finished with them.  They are a marvelous gift, but also a lot of work.