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Daisy Chain Quilt

One of the lovely quilting ladies at the Irish American Heritage Center passed away recently, bequeathing her considerable stash to the Center.  It is a veritable MOUNTAIN of fabric!!   One item was a “jelly roll” of 40 pre-cut strips, each 2.5″ wide, in a variety of prints, all coordinated.  So I made a Daisy Chain quilt.

Daisy Chain pattern
Daisy Chain pattern

The strips were sewn together, 5 at a time, and then cut across the strips like cutting pinwheel cookie dough.  All the fabrics are in pink, lavender, deeper purple and pink, so they look wonderful together.  There was plenty of fabric in the stash for the borders and backing, and they made a small quilt 57 x 75″, which will go up for sale at the Center.

We miss you, Jeanette.