Uncle Dynamite

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Pure candy for my tastes: P G Wodehouse novels! Today’s nougat is the 1948 vehicle Uncle Dynamite. When Uncle Fred, fifth earl of Ickenham, is let loose, one can be quite sure all will go topsy-turvy until resolving into a new order – all the while as Uncle Fred distributes his light and good intentions to the world and its actors.

Uncle Dynamite
Uncle Dynamite

3 or 4 times a year, I enjoy a return to the Wodehouse catalog of near 100 titles. Of the many titles read, I realize they are all very much the same, except oddly different.

In common:

  • English country houses
  • Bumbling aristocrats
  • Twisted romantic plots
  • Impersonations
  • Pilfering
  • Strong matrons to be avoided, etc.
  • French windows
  • On again, off again engagements


  • New characters playing old roles
  • New twists on the same old, same old plots
  • New twists in language use and description
  • New twisted advice given


The advice I give to every young man starting out to seek a life partner is to find a girl whom he can tickle. (page 27)

It was silly of him to take your breaking the engagement so seriously. My dear wife broke ours six times, and each time I came up smiling. (page 68)

A knock-out  drop in his bedtime whiskey and soda would, of course, be the best method, but I happen to have come here without my knock-out drugs, Idiotic of me. It is madness to come to country houses without one’s bottle of Mickey Finns. One ought to pack them first thing after one’s clean collars. (page 168)

All mirth and madness! Always a go-to selection when I am in the mood for lightness, gaiety, and harmless romps. Boffo!

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