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Fine Art of Fiber show

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Jo, our good friend Jean, and myself attended this year’s edition of the Fine Art of Fiber at the Botanic Gardens. (click here for that site)

In relation to other years, we each felt this show was weak by comparison standards; nonetheless, there are always some knock-outs for our proclivity, as well as some ideas to try or store in our mental stashes.

Here are this years most memorable pictorial memories for me:

Quilt Expo Madison, WI September 2013

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I just returned from this years Quilt Expo in Madison; and, as always, the experience was most gratifying. You can visit Quilt Expo at

Here is a gallery¬† of what caught my interest: please click on each image to view a larger version, or follow the slide show…Just a reminder, you can click the upper right corner to see the full resolution version by itself.

There are 100 pictures here from the many hundreds of quilts on display (and of course there are many knock-outs at each vendor’s booth). For those of you who could not attend, I hope this will entice you to go next year. In a few instances, I do have some description under the bottom of each slide. To the best of my ability, I have left some of my impressions and personal insights. ENJOY!!!