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More striped socks

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As promised, here is the other pair:

Striped socks
Striped socks

One has the chocolate leftovers from the last pair; the rest is knitted from the rest of the variegated yarn – this time with hardly any leftover, so this cycle of socks is completed after 3 pairs:

  • chocolate bamboo & silk
  • chocolate bamboo & silk soles with striped gams (see post below)
  • just a hint of chocolate bamboo & silk followed with variegated¬† soft acrylic

Special socks for a Special partner

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I make specially contoured socks for my partner Jo. Not only have I designed them to wrap around her gams and bunions, but as of late I have been using Patton’s bamboo and silk yarn for extra comfy texture.

I usually have much leftover, but I am unable to get a full second pair extracted from the leftovers. Often enough, though, I have enough to make a backup sock for the pair. This time, I had a fair amount left, but not enough for a full extra sock. So here is my stroke of genius: Use the left over yarn for the bottom half of the socks and choose some other yarn to contrast.  VOILA!!

New socks: Bamboo, silk, and acrylic
New socks: Bamboo, silk, and acrylic

And as if that isn’t enough for Jo’s daring¬† nature, sometimes she will wear socks that don’t match!!! Some people are horrified by the idea — this is not for the squeamish…

…nor this: embellished with googly eyes.

She now has the equivalent of diamonds on the souls of her shoes — googly eyes on the top of her socks!! (Try THAT on, Paul Simon…)

Paddlefoot - embellished!
Paddlefoot – embellished!

We sometimes refer to the bottom of her foot as “Paddlefoot” for the shape. And Paddlefoot has been embellished with eyes before in a series we shot in the Pacific Northwest in 2007. One day, I will post those, but be aware: They are not for the faint-of-heart either…

Back to topic, I did have a bit of Patton’s chocolate leftover and much of the stripy acrylic, so I did yet another pair – mostly stripy with just a hint of chocolate on one leg. I will post that next…

Set a spell, Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, y’hear?.