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Brida by Paulo Coelho (2008) is another mesmerizing romp into the mystic – most welcomed by this reader. Coelho is a Brazilian writer, best known for The Alchemist (1988); in this particular work, he turns to Irish traditions.

Brida by Paulo Coelho

Brida is a young Irish woman who seeks a Magus to learn about the Tradition of the Sun and the Tradition of the Moon. In turn, he leads her to Wicca, a witch, who will lead Brida into initiation rites and practices.

  • How do you find your Soul Mate? Check over the shoulder (and thus perhaps find another piece of yourself that split off from yourself lifetimes ago…)
  • Can you have more than 1 Soul Mate? Yes.
  • What happens when you meet more than 1 Soul Mate at a time? Hmmmmmm…
  • How do you connect to others? Look into their eyes.

We have 2 attitudes to live by: to build, or to grow. Builders are hemmed in by the walls they construct, and once the item is built, the adventure ends; whereas, Planters endure and nurture, in an ever on-going adventure.

Our true adventures are contained in “The Dark Night of the Soul”, as evidenced by St. John of the Cross very long ago. All there is to know about Life can be known, except for the Why; the only way to come out onto the other side is by Faith, through Faith.

  • Why are we here?: “Only the brave and those who understand the Traditions of the Sun and the Moon are aware that the only possible answer to the question is I DON’T KNOW.” (page 138)
  • What’s the point then, looking for an answer that cannot be revealed?: “…life becomes much more intense, much more brilliant, because we understand that each minute, each step that we take, has a meaning that goes far beyond us as individuals. We realize that somewhere in time and space this question does have an answer. We realize that there is a reason for us being here, and for us, that is enough.” (page 139)
  • Is there much difference between Ancient Traditions and Modern Theoretical Physics? No. They are the same, just using two different languages.

These and more inquiries into our time and purpose on Earth roam throughout these pages, fluidly within this smooth translation by Margaret Costa. So I will leave you with just one more: Why did God draw Adam and Eve’s attention to the Tree of Good and Evil if he hadn’t wanted them to eat of it? Well, He knew what he was doing…The answer is: “In order to set the Universe in motion.” (page 202)

The mystic within me thinks the same way although I use different words: “To get to the other side…”

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