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Blondes Die Young

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Although some folk think you cannot judge a book by its cover, I do not always agree and am drawn to investigate some titles just because of their artwork; thus, Blondes Die Young (1952) by Bill Peters.

Blondes Die Young
Blondes Die Young

On the rack as a $2 used book bargain, I fell hard for this Blonde. She had all the right stuff:

  • Blonde
  • Sultry pose
  • Lingerie
  • Cheap murder mystery
  • 1950s pulp item

Looking further under the hood, I found just what I like sometimes:

  • Terse sentences
  • Steamy prose
  • Wild metaphors and similes
  • High seediness factor
  • Chicago locale

Sample 1:

It was rush noon hour at Chicago’s Union Station and getting a cab was like finding an empty lifeboat during a shipwreck.

Sample 2:

The redhead looked demure, The expression was as incongruous as an elderly spinster’s conga.

Sample 3:

She didn’t have a chorus girl’s body, with voluptuous breasts and hips, but there was a clean functional line to her that I liked.

There you go.


Straight – no chaser.

And then:

  • Over
  • Resolution
  • Remorse
  • Onto yet another day

In. Out. Done.

Shark Tales

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Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business by Barbara Corcoran (with Bruce Littlefield) is the 3rd incarnation of the same book. 2003’s issue was titled Use What You’ve Got. Then, it was re-issued the following year under If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails. Since 2011, it has been swimming under as Shark Tales, riding the wave out on the popularity of the the Shark Tank television series.

Shark Tales
Shark Tales

And that is exactly the reason why I choose this to read upon finishing Lori Grenier’s book on ideas, investments, marketing, and “Shark Tank.”. For my tastes and interests, though, Barbara’s book did not match up. The latest version has a section added about some of her experiences on “Shark Tank,” but none of them are really worth any serious weight. As you’ll see, the adage holds true: You can put lipstick on a pig, but when all is said and done, it’s still a pig.

The main part of this recycled book recounts Corcoran’s lessons as a youth weakly attempting to parallel her years as a real estate tycoon. Before reading, I had almost as much respect for her as I did for entrepreneurial Lori; however, after this exposure, I see Corcoran as just another shark who preys on the weaker (then again, that is what sharks do, especially in the hunter take all game of real estate).

To be fair to Barbara, though (who has risen above strong odds against her), her misapplied intent does have value as it pays homage to her overworked mother:

“‘In the end, Mom, it all comes down to this: All my life, you never told me I couldn’t. You only told me i could.'”(page 227)

as well as Barbara’s own latest intent:

So far, I’ve had an amazing ride and figure I have about fifteen good years left. I plan to use those years helping as many people hit the jackpot as I can. I can’t wait to see what’s next. (page 290)

But her business advice tips are not anything new or earth shaking, especially 1) create a ‘need’ buzz for products, especially if no one wants your product (page 268), and 2) not everyone knows everything – you don’t have to get a new business right off the ground running, but you do need to get it going. (page 277)

Alas, though, and alack, too, this accounting is not even much of an insight for those learning about the real estate game. There is no playbook, so to speak Рmost businesses succeed by  a weirded combination of luck along with the right connections.

Like the Fonz, it appears that the shark has been jumped. Whoa! He-e-y-ay!

Galaxy S4 the missing manual

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To those have been following along, I have produced another lengthy gap in my posts. Why, this time?

Well, I have a new phone, and I needed to learn its ways.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is really a great computer that just happens to have a phone component available (which is quite impressive, too)! In fact, there are so many capabilities, I needed to dig below the surface and use a book/manual to peel away the S4’s full functionality.

Galaxy S4 missing manual
The Missing Manual series

So, I did.

Overall as most manuals go, there could be more pictures, or arrows pointing at several items within a picture, but the missing manual was quite helpful.

Also, as with most manuals: Application practice¬† longa, Manual brevis. I still have much of a curve to explore here, but now that I’ve passed into the other hemisphere I should be more available for other pursuits.

Regarding The Missing Manual series: It was quite useful, but in the future, I would still prefer the Visual Start series for new tech and programs, if available.