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Would you like one of the well-known Dance-A-Runi rune shirts?

WELL, they are back in circulation, and the news is BETTER THAN EVER!


Partnered through Zazzle, you can now order and customize your own shirt: by rune, by size, by color, etc.

Also, there are also other products Jo has  “runed”  (coffee mugs, travel cups, and beer steins have just been added).
Let us rune something for you, too!!
Click here and go to our store at:

Contra corners

We can also custom print some of our other designs on other t-shirts, pillowcases, poster prints,etc that you can provide.

You can view some of the designs if you visit our horoscope pages. (Click here.)

For further information:

Contact Jo Mortland at the bottom of this page…

All designs copyrighted by Dance-A-Runi.

 The term “rune” comes from a Gothic word meaning “secret”.  Members of early Germanic tribes associated runes with secrecy or mystery because few people understood the inscriptions.  Runic characters were probably first used by pagan priests in making charms and magic spells.  The characters were also scratched on coins, jewelry, monuments, and slabs of stone or wood.  The earliest runes consisted almost entirely of straight lines, arranged singly or in combinations of forms.  Later runes had more complex forms.

Dance-A-Runi’s contra runes are a creative effort to depict the dance moves visually, and in some cases, symbolically.  Designed by Jo Mortland, they most often represent the trajectory of the dancers as they execute a move, as if seen from above.

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