Shari Pergricht’s First Dance

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Shari’s first dance

(We thank Shari for baring her soul to us…)

 The first dance I went to was at the Esperanza School (in Chicago). When I walked in the door, I was IMMEDIATELY asked to dance and pulled into a line; my “…but I don’t know how….” protests were dismissed with the friendly wave of a hand. I wonder if they were short on women that night?


After that whirlwind of a dance – which I LOVED – I sat and watched, noticing a woman in a beautiful flowing skirt and very hairy legs. I thought, “These are my people!” I wish I could remember who it was I first danced with and who the caller and musicians were. What I do remember is that it was a totally positive experience. I went the following Monday, and then weekly after that. I was hooked instantly!

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