Full Contact Waltzing!!

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Here at Dance-A-Runi labs over the last year our staff has been exploring new possibilities for waltzing —  additional approaches to this time honored, graceful dance —  sometimes with a little more of a suprise factor, sometimes with a little more oompf… And we  have certainly come up with some nifty steps in this spin-off we refer as FULL CONTACT WALTZING!

Some figures still in development are

  • The Tummy Bump
  • The Bun Roll
  • The Sandwich (waltzing with 3 or more members)
  • and The Cartwheel (whee!)

But what we are proud to present on this page is the finalized version of our new waltz sensation  that’s sweepin’ the nation, “The Joy Bundle”.

What follows are the 12 parts of this figure with small images for the visual demonstration.

There are 5 sections to this figure that are sandwiched between the opening and ending closed positions. You will use 36 music counts during this figure, which includes:

  • The Distraction.
  • The Pick-up (including “The Hoist”). Includes 1 flourish.
  • The Twirl.
  • The Descent (not to be confused with “the decent”)…
  • …and the wonderful, wonderful Deposit. Includes 1 flourish.

To view a larger image, click on the first image to follow the slide show with instruction.

Also, please make sure to read the disclaimer and other information further below on this page after the visual demonstration.

Our demonstrators are the vibrant Lori Brunt and the vivacious Joseph Ruback from Milwaukee, WI.

“The Joy Bundle” is most effective if performed with a non-chalant facial expression, as if both partnersas if both partners are in expected agreement at the time the figure is executed. This would be known as a Professional level where the routine is executed a subtle grace and flair. Of course, if prior arrangement is not in effect, the lead’s partner might scream out over the music and disrupt others who ware dancing a different waltz routine.


As with any other physical activity, certain precautions should be taken/considered to prevent unnecessary mishaps, which include the following:

  • CAUTION: “The Joy Bundle” is NOT for the squeamish or faint -of-heart
  • If either partner suffers from vertigo or nosebleeds, call for medical attention immediately
  • DO NOT attempt for at least 1 hour after eating
  • Bladder voiding is highly recommended before undertaking this routine
  • Leads might consider wearing a back brace on occasion

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