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We here at Dance-A-Runi have opened up our research facility for dance solutions to common dance problems such as…

Sweating Solutions to Hot Summer Dancing!!!

With the hot weather upon us, and with so many dances to travel to this summer, we at Dance-a-Runi labs are working on cooling solutions to help your dancing experience more comfortable. Here are just a few:

Dance Gypsy
Dance Gypsy
  • Dance shoes made of ice
  • An icy wading pool at the end of each contra line
  • Beanies with battery powered fans (rechargeable, of course)
  • Locals hired with large palm leafs around the dancehall
  • Icy gel pack underwear (YOW!! – not for the squeamish)

These are just a few…

If you have any suggestions or techniques of your own, please add a comment below…

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