Contra Face syndrome

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We here at Dance-A-Runi labs have detected a new syndrome that needs attention. Yes, we are referring to:

CCHS: Contra Face (Contra Cheekular Hyperextension)

  • When you return home after a great Contra dance evening, do your jaws suffer?
  • Do your cheekbones cry out in pain? 
  • Are your eye sockets bulging and sore?

If so, you might be encountering CCHS (Contra Cheekular Hyperextension Syndrome), also referred to as “Contra Face”!

I'm So HAPPY...


CCH Syndrome is one of the few ‘negative’ aspects of avid Contra dancing. This painful condition is the result of excessive smiling, caused by the intense pleasure that is derived from Contra dancing. It is most often seen at dance weekends, but it has been surfacing at weekly dances as well.

One dancer, who was an avid dance gypsy, did not heed the early warnings and tell-tale signs:

Yeah, Baby!!!
Yeah, Baby!!!


  • sore jaws
  • bulging eye sockets
  • painful cheekbones
  • a constant ecstatic leer

As a result, that dancer’s face has frozen into a steady CCHS stare–THE DAMAGE IS DONE FOR ALL TIME!! What can YOU do to relieve this so-called dreaded condition? Below are some suggestions…

Throughout the coming months, we here at CCHS labs will provide more of our research and therapies as they become available.

In development:

  • Cheekular vibration methods
  • Facial splints
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Anti-smiling techniques
  • The Duct Tape Muzzle

Please send us any suggestions you might have (and a jpeg picture if available) to us.

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