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Welcome to Dance-A-Runi. This site is full of full of stuff that will bedazzle you and twirl your sensibilities.

What is Contra dancing?
third green and orange dosodo twirls
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Well, it’s a whole lot o’ fun, that’s what it is.

Definitions: As defined in the Oxford English Dictionary Online (10-11-2001):

a corruption of COUNTRY-DANCE: see CONTRE-DANCE
CONTRE-DANCE [after F. contre-danse, It. and Sp. contra danza, all corruptions of the English word COUNTRY-DANCE, by the conversion of its first element into the F. contre, It., Sp. contra against, opposite.]
A COUNTRY-DANCE; esp. a French country-dance.

  The English country-dance was introduced into France during the Regency 1715-23, and thence passed into Italy and Spain… The arrangement of the partners in a country-dance in two opposite lines of indefinite length easily suggested the perversion of country into contre-, contra- opposite.

    Country Dance: [f. COUNTRY + DANCE, lit. a dance of the country. On its introduction into France the name was perverted to contre-danse, which has been erroneously assumed to be the original form: see CONTRE-DANCE.]

    a. A dance practised by country-people, usually in the open air.    b. esp. a generic name for all English dances of rural or native origin (already in 17th c. contrasted with French dances); specifically, applied to dances in which an indefinite number of couples stand up face to face in two long lines…

As defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary (NY: World, 1972): my old dictionary lists contre danse:

“a folkdance in which the partners form two facing lines; country-dance”
Other words in this area of the dictionary, which might provide some amusement, are:
  • contraception (!)
  • contraband
  • contradiction
  • contrapuntal
  • contrariwise
  • contravallation
  • contravene
  • contretemps
  • contra-bution (contribution)


  1. Listen to the Music: Each figure goes along with a musical phrase; each step fits each note perfectly. When you get into this rhythm, you come as close to Heaven as any good Whirling Dervish. In a perfect dance, all dancers should be stepping to each beat at the same time.
  2. Pay attention: If you are out at the end of the line, your dancing skill may still be required to fill in a few strokes on the dance canvas. — Also, as the Caller does the Walk-through, please remain attentive and listen; others down line might not be able to hear the figures if there are too many conversations occurring in-line.
  3. Look at your partner. Also, give weight: After all, this is a co-operative Social Dance. Smile. Make contact and feel the support of fellow dance enthusiasts.


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