Welcome to Runi-A-Runi

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This is the home of Runi-A-Runi…a place where ANYTHING
can be RUNED!!!

This is Us
This is Us

We are your hosts – Jo Mortland & JimRyan. We’ve been runing things for many years. You can stay here and play, or choose your own adventure-a-runi from below at our World of Runi sites:

ALSO, Visit our Dance-A-Runi store for Runed merchandise at  www.zazzle.com/dancearuni+gifts

What’s a better way to say you care, than to say it runed!!!Key chains


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Runi-A-Runi

    1. Hi, Lindsay! Thanks.
      Not sure what you mean by Folly. a dance? a weekend? a move?
      I never got back to you on the box the gnat, either. Do you still need/want that? How did the project go with the runs on your walls or speakers?

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